Photography by Marco Verhoogt


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An artwork doesn't have to be a beauty on itself. An artwork is, by considerate, objectively never beautiful to everyone. An artwork is not a thing. It is a being, made by his creator, his god. It is alive. In her different shapes, it is able to move, to change, to communicate, to question. Art isn't able to hurt or to make an exchange of love to the interested ones of the land of their conversation. Art can speak without words about her feelings she doesn't have. She only is a mirror for us to question our ideas.

The artwork can be an idea. But not all ideas are visible. Not all ideas can be touched or seen. However, we do feel like we had. The experience within this visible world made it imaginary. Just as the result of coincidence or individual perceptions. Is it all real? Born with the idea of free will, without even controlling free will's own controller. Living in a pattern of logic without being aware of mankind's blame to inconsequent. It needs a formula of understanding. Otherwise we won't go further without the knowledge we might have. Why should mankind learn more about the visual present, when they can also make the unknown visible? Contradiction and unity can be, as a contrast as it is, true at the exact same moment. To embrace that, we will know more about time, life and our self as an animal, a mechanical creature of the universe.

During my life, I haven't been able to position our self within the universe. To position myself as little spirit in my fleshy skin and bones. And I still do. I don't understand life and I never understood the big ego of mankind to position themselves on top of the tower. Instead of living together with every living creature on this round circling ball. We can focus on the problems which are known, but we could better look at the things to come. By fact, this all problems are visible. But what is not to be seen? Strongest power: the wind is only present by touch. Anthropologic, philosophy and scientific research about patterns within free will, natural disaster, coincidence, logic, fate could lead as point of departure. I can make a translation within my art and serve it as a dinner for the society.

Ideas can set of in unexpected direction. It is not necessary to complete the idea in the mind already before it got real. The length of the process can be decided by the length of the idea or idea chain. Whenever the idea is there, the materials and matter will follow. An artist doesn't stick to one material, only when he is afraid to move forward. Physical hard work causes physical attention. Conceptual thinking causes conceptual work. This creates hilly landscape with Dadaistic trees, Minimalistic clouds and materialistic water, which let me jump and dance like never before. Create, communicate, think and change. 2.jpg 7.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg 5.jpg 3.jpg